Leverage Velocious Source To Pay Platform
Leverage Velocious Source To Pay Platform

Velocious Source to Pay Platform is a full-featured solution for Sourcing, P2P, and auction processes.

Drive significant cost reductions via automated supplier engagement

Improve supplier Relationship

With self service mode , supplier has all key information available 24*7, thus enabling greater satisfaction and relationship with suppliers.

Reduced costs

With features like early payment discounts, sourcing events, query management, etc. helps to reduce the operational costs

Improve Visibility

The supplier has full visibility at all necessary levels across the Source to Pay process.

Quick Turn Around on Queries

Currently, the supplier raise their queries on calls and emails. By providing the access to the information and query management capabilities on portal , the time to get the queries answered gets reduced

Smooth Onboarding Process

The supplier fills the onboarding form which ensures that all the information updated is accurate. Also eliminate paper-based forms and supporting documents as the portal allows supplier to upload all supporting document during onboarding

Improve Efficiency

Invoices uploaded by the Suppliers seamlessly flows to the invoice processing application (VIM, ReadSoft), so this ensures that invoices are processed immediately and are not stuck with user departments.

Velocious Source To Pay Platform

Most enterprises recognize that active and meaningful engagement with suppliers is key to success. Benefits include accelerated time to market, improved margins and reduced risks.

Avaali’s unique Source to Pay platform is a compelling full-featured solution that automates the entire lifecycle of supplier engagement processes and helps significantly reduce sourcing and procurement cost.

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Velocious Source to Pay platform delivers value by enabling full lifecycle automation of supplier collaboration processes but is probably the only solution that offers out of box integration with any best of breed Accounts Payable Automation solution as well as leading ERP’s. With such integration, invoices that come via the portal are automatically extracted through the OCR engine, processed automatically, and posted into their ERP application. Velocious S2P platform automates the entire lifecycle of supplier collaboration processes including RFP/RFI process, supplier onboarding, facilitates automatic exchange of PO and invoices, provides dynamic discounting in addition to other features like dashboards and insights. The e-auction feature allows enterprises to easily create, conduct and deliver auctions and in turn automatically initiate the supplier onboarding processes for chosen vendors.

Our product improves supplier discovery via comprehensive supplier information management with configurable and easy to deploy workflows, brings down implementation time by 40% for Invoice Portal (from about 4 months to 2.5 months) and 20% reduction for S2P and P2P via out-of-box integrations with leading AP Invoice Automation solutions, and is also easy to adopt (intuitiveness) with minimal training requirements.

Velocious Source to Pay – Key Capabilities

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  1. Bring Down Negotiation Cycles, Discover Your Lowest Prices
  2. Enable Superior Transperancy in Procurement
  3. Ease of Use and Zero Implementation Timelines
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