Sourcing - RFQ

Powered by a highly configurable rule engine, it caters to both PR (Purchase Requisition) and non-PR based RFQs, ensuring adaptability to diverse procurement scenarios.

With quote comparison and revision capabilities, it simplifies the decision-making process by providing a clear overview of vendor responses

The multi-level review and approval workflow ensures that every RFQ undergoes a thorough evaluation, enhancing transparency and compliance throughout the procurement cycle.

Sourcing - Auctions

Reverse Auction feature with its configurable bid rule engine helps users tailor auctions to their specific needs.

The intuitive event creation and bid interfaces simplify the process, making it accessible to all users.

Real-time communication is made easy with a chat interface for bidders and buyers during auctions, fostering collaboration and transparency

For added control, the bid moderator interface allows for seamless event management. Plus, with proactive notifications, you'll never miss a beat, ensuring your auctions run smoothly and efficiently.