Supplier Onboarding

Velocious Source to Pay platform streamlines and simplifies the supplier onboarding process with its built-in auto validations that ensure accurate and compliant supplier data from the start, minimizing errors and data discrepancies.

With a multi-level review and approval workflow, organizations can systematically evaluate and onboard suppliers, ensuring they meet the necessary criteria.

Notify stakeholders at every stage, fostering efficient communication and transparency throughout the onboarding process.

Advance Shipment Notification and Bill Discount

With ASN functionality, vendors can provide timely notifications about shipments, enhancing transparency and reducing errors.

Additionally, the portal offers the flexibility of bill discounting, empowering vendors to proactively manage cash flows by availing early payment discount.

AP Invoice Automation

The Invoice Upload feature simplifies the invoicing process, allowing vendors to submit invoices electronically, speeding up payment processing.

Easily track the status of your invoices and gain real-time visibility into payment processes, reducing uncertainty and streamlining cash flow management.